Corporate Responsibility

Across our Australian and New Zealand operations we focus on making a positive contribution in our communities. The interests of our customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment is always front of mind. We consider the impact our business has on our stakeholders - and the consequences for our long-term financial viability - in setting and implementing our strategy and plans.
We integrate CSR objectives and strategies into our business processes, practices and stakeholder management in order to achieve our goal of creating both corporate and social value for the long-term.
We operate a mostly decentralised CSR program. In addition to company-wide approaches, our businesses take responsibility for implementing specific and targeted strategies and programs. This approach ensures the alignment of CSR priorities to business activities and practices. It also maximises benefits to local communities, customers and staff - and as a result - our Company as a whole.
Everyone at Fairfax is empowered to bring CSR to life through their work and actions they take. Our people are encouraged to be thoughtful and take a 'big picture' view of the social, cultural and economic impact they have on communities. We work together to earn and maintain our stakeholders' trust, confidence and respect.
Fairfax is committed to transparency in disclosure of key performance indicators including environmental, financial and social, as part of our CSR reporting.
Fairfax's People and Culture Board Sub-Committee oversees CSR and sustainability, including environmental reporting and performance, in line with the Committee's Charter. Our executive leadership team is deeply engaged in CSR issues and initiatives. A Corporate Responsibility team, in collaboration with leaders across the business, operates and drives the delivery of the CSR program. Our corporate governance framework, policies and practices are described in detail in the Annual Report. Policies and training provide guidance and reinforce expectations of ethical behaviour, responsible conduct, and transparency. 

Our commitments to operating a responsible business:

  1. Strengthening Community
  2. Environmental Stewardship
  3. Empowering People
  4. Building Shareholder Value

For more information about our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, please see pages 12-19 of the 2018 Annual Report (PDF 6.7MB)