2014 Fairfax Media Annual Report


Fairfax Media is at the heart of conversations that matter.

Our independent journalism and QUALITY content keeps people informed and connected – and we have been doing it for more than 180 years. We are a trusted voice, informing, engaging and entertaining audiences and communities in Australia and New Zealand via our newspapers, websites, radio stations, events and dynamic digital venues. 

Every day thousands of our reporters connect millions of people with our news and media business. They perform their jobs with independence, insight and integrity. 

All of this is possible because our audience, our customers, are at the centre of everything we do. And our advertisers know it. Every day Fairfax becomes a stronger company. We are a more agile, more focused, more digital-centric media business. 

Fairfax is ready for today and more prepared than ever for tomorrow as we grow and extend our media core into a broadly based services business – spanning marketing, property, data, entertainment and beyond – to sustain the important work we do.

2014 Fairfax Media Annual Report (PDF 3.2MB)