Devastation at Fairfax Media’s daily newspaper the Christchurch Press

22 Feb 2011

Fairfax Media's daily newspaper in Christchurch The Press based in Cathedral Square, has been affected by today's earthquake.

Allen Williams CEO Fairfax Media NZ has said late this afternoon "our priority is our staff and their families in making sure that they are safe and that we support them in every way we can. Most of The Press team have gone home to be with their families. However this afternoon we had four staff members who remained trapped in the building that has been badly damaged. Two have since been located and rescued and we continue to work with emergency services to free our remaining staff”.

The Press is publishing tomorrow and has a team of reporters, photographers and editors from Christchurch and other Fairfax regions ‐ working to cover news of the earthquake from our Logistics Drive printing plant facility near the airport which remains operational.

Williams says "we recognise we are a critical part of the fabric of Christchurch as so many rely on The Press for information and news updates on what is happening in their city. To that end we will be publishing an edition tomorrow so that our readers can stay in touch with what is happening at a time when communication channels are erratic. As the largest media outlet in the city we will do our best through our newspaper and website to provide the people of Christchurch with important information about what is happening in the aftermath of the quake".

For further information please contact:
Sandra King
Group Sales and Marketing Manager, Fairfax Media
09 970 4009

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