Fairfax: leading the focus on targeted audience engagement

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5 November, 2014 

- Fairfax: leading the focus on targeted audience engagement - 

Fairfax Media is responding to global insights with the launch of the Fairfax World campaign in New Zealand. 

This solutions ­focused animation showcases the numerous channels by which brands and advertisers can reach Fairfax Media's engaged audiences in ways most effective for them. 

Campbell Mitchell, Fairfax Marketing Director, says the Fairfax World is a key tool for communicating how Fairfax Media is evolving as it responds to global trends. 

"We have a unique portfolio of media assets that reach eight of every ten New Zealanders ­ including NZ's largest news site, stuff.co.nz. Our differentiator is our ability to target specific audiences through a number of channels ­ so our clients and advertisers can reach and engage with Kiwis in new, compelling and targeted ways through the day.” 

Global research from WARC, highlights the connection between campaigns that use multiple channels and the effectiveness of the campaign. Multi­channel campaigns offer advertisers deeper interaction with customers and provide consumer connection through content, interest and passions. 

Fairfax offers brands and advertisers a truly integrated multi­channel solution. Fairfax websites and apps offer “through the day” touch points that can be accentuated weekly with Fairfax print, digital services and eDMs and monthly with magazines and compelling events. Advertisers have variety in the way they engage with consumers, and frequency through the ability to get in front of them at multiple times over the course of a day. 

“We know the media landscape has changed, and the relentless focus on volume metrics – readership and circulation – provides an overly simplistic measure of today’s campaign performance,” Mitchell continues. 

“The evaluation model should be based on engagement with customers delivered through a range of channels, and effectiveness ... the result. It’s not just about a reach number – but that the audience is passionate, engaged and motivated to act.” 

Mitchell adds: “Our multi­-channel media business provides a quality total audience offering for our advertisers across our products, ensuring they get their message to the right people at the right time – delivering hard results.” 

For more information, visit: www.fairfaxmedia.co.nz or http://youtu.be/VOOnzzNoUh4


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