Fairfax Media Intern Search Continues

Approximately 50 prospective journalists sat the annual Fairfax Media journalism intern test in six locations throughout the country on Saturday morning, 24 August 2013.

The Fairfax Media internship programme has been running since 2006, with the annual test forming part of the selection process for interns who go on to undertake training at a journalism school for a year before joining a Fairfax masthead or website.

This year's test consisted of 50 general knowledge questions, 15 spelling and grammatical teasers, a numeracy test and two writing exercises.

Test results will now be marked and those deemed to be of sufficient standard will be sent to editors and newsroom leaders in the publications or websites preferred by candidates with a view to choosing those they wish to interview.

Fairfax editorial development manager, Clive Lind, said the process would take some weeks but it was expected to be wrapped up by the end of October.

Answers to the 50 questions, spelling and grammar and numeracy sections here.


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For further information, please contact:
Fairfax Media Editorial Development Manager
Clive Lind
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