Fairfax Media Journalism Intern Tests Completed

About 50 aspiring journalists sat Fairfax Media journalism intern tests throughout the country on Saturday.

The tests are part of the annual search for journalism interns to work at Fairfax mastheads, websites and specialist news bureaux. They covered general knowledge, spelling and grammar, numeracy and two writing exercises.

Fairfax editorial development manager Clive Lind said the next step was to mark and assess the papers and send the papers of applicants who met the appropriate skill levels to those bureaus, newspapers or websites they had nominated as their preferred choices.

Marking would take about a week and interviews would take place as quickly as possible after that.

"The process does take some time but this year we hope to speed it up so applicants know where they stand," he said.

Information would continue to be placed on fairfax-nz.staging.elcomcms.com and applicants were welcome to contact him at clive.lind@fairfaxmedia.co.nz.

He thanked all applicants for taking part in the test and their feedback on the degree of difficulty or any other aspect would be welcome.

Answers from last Saturday's tests:


1. Elizabeth II recently celebrated how many years as Queen?
2. In American politics, who is Joe Biden?
3. The Republic of China is more commonly known by what name?
4. What do the initials WTO stand for?
5. Who is the US Secretary of State?
6. Aung San Suu Kyi is an Opposition politician in what country?
7. Which Pacific country this year celebrated 50 years as an independent state?
8. Pyongyang is the capital of what country?
9. Who is Francois Hollande?
10. Ayatollah Khameini is the supreme leader of what Middle East country?

ANSWERS: 1. 60; 2. The vice-president; 3. Taiwan; 4. World Trade Organisation; 5. Hillary Clinton; 6. Myanmar/Burma; 7. Samoa; 8. North Korea; 9. President of France; 10. Iran.

1. Which overweight All Black was ridiculed as a dumpling?
2. What is the nationality of golfer Lydia Ko?
3. What South American city will host the 2016 Olympic Games?
4. In what city would you find the Forsyth Barr Stadium?
5. What is the nationality of tennis star Novak Djokovic?
6. John Wright resigned earlier this year from what high-profile sports job?
7. What team represents Wellington in the trans-Tasman netball competition?
8. What former All Black and coach of the Japanese and Italian rugby teams became a knight this year?
9. Honor Dillon, wife of All Black Dan Carter, represented New Zealand in what sport?
10. What New Zealand runner was awarded a silver medal at the 2008 Olympic Games after the race winner was disqualified?
ANSWERS: 1. Piri Weepu; 2. New Zealand; 3. Rio de Janeiro; 4. Dunedin; 5. Serbian; 6. New Zealand cricket coach; 7. The Pulse; 8. John Kirwan; 9. Hockey; 10. Nick Willis.

1. National List MP Paul Goldsmith unsuccessfully contested which seat in the 2011 general election?
2. Who is the Minister of Education?
3. What do the letters MMP stand for?
4. Colin Craig leads which New Zealand political party?
5. What is unusual about Green MP Mojo Mathers?
6. Former North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams is an MP for which party?
7. Who is the MP for Te Tai Tokerau?
8. Former NZ Post CEO John Allen heads which government department?
9. What first-term National MP is a former TV and radio presenter?
10. How many MPs are there in Parliament: 60, 92 or 121?

ANSWERS: 1. Epsom; 2. Hekia Parata; 3. Mixed-member proportional; 4. The Conservative Party; 5. She is deaf; 6. New Zealand First; 7. Hone Harawira; 8. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 9. Maggie Barry; 10. 121.

1. Who was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth?
2. On what river would you find Lake Karapiro?
3. West Coaster Bernard Monk is the spokesman for what group of people?
4. What famous New Zealand scientist won a Nobel Prize in 1908?
5. What is the Maori word for a gift or donation given to one's hosts?
6. What is the name of the present pope?
7. What volcano near Rotorua erupted in 1886, killing more than 100 people?
8. What is the main activity of the Australian company BHP?
9. What illness does an oncologist treat?
10. What government agency is responsible for controlling inflation?

ANSWERS: 1. Abraham Lincoln; 2. The Waikato; 3. Pike River miners' families; 4. Lord (Ernest) Rutherford; 5. Koha; 5. 6. Benedict; 7. Mt Tarawera; 8. Mining; 9. Cancer; 10. The Reserve Bank.

1. What is the home town of New Zealand pop singer Ladyhawke?
2. Which New Zealand author wrote the novel Mr Pip?
3. Which New Zealand town hosts the Gold Guitar awards?
4. Which New Zealand actress, then aged 11, won an Academy Award in 1993 for best supporting actress?
5. Which play by Shakespeare has the prince of Denmark as its central character?
6. Which two Beatles are still alive?
7. What actor was replaced by Ashton Kutcher in the TV series Two and a Half Men?
8. Who composed the opera The Marriage of Figaro?
9. What stage musical is based on the songs of 1960 pop group the Four Seasons?
10. Which New Zealander won an Academy Award this year for the movie song Man or Muppet?

ANSWERS: 1. Masterton; 2. Lloyd Jones; 3. Gore; 4. Anna Paquin; 5. Hamlet; 6. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr; 7. Charlie Sheen; 8. Mozart; 9. Jersey Boys; 10. Bret McKenzie.


Circle any spelling errors in the following sentences and place an "X" beside any sentence that contains grammatical errors. Place a tick alongside any sentence that you think is free of spelling or grammatical mistakes.

1. The Brown family are long-established market gardeners, growing beans, tomatos, squash, onions and potatos.
2. Towns selected for the local government review included Oamaru, Fielding and Taumarunui.
3. Judge Thompson discharged the man without conviction, saying said he had already got his just deserts.
4. Police said they were pleased that less drunk drivers were intercepted than in the previous blitz.
5. Three workmen were electrocuted but made a complete recovery.
6. Coach Steve Hansen said Weepu would remain on the reserve's bench, despite good form in his last match.
7. Despite being discovered in the town's water supply three weeks ago only two people are known to have become sick.
8. Former prime minister Helen Clarke told the audience she rarely saw John Keys these days but had an amicable relationship with him.
9. The cast includes William Hurt as a Washington reporter who's aim is to become White House correspondent.
10. The judge excused the defendant after hearing he was suffering from a severe case of sinusitis.
11. While drilling above his head, the ladder the electrician was on collapsed.
12. After hearing of the family's misfortune, the hotel chain offered them complementary accomodation.
13. The witness told the judge of his pressing commitments and asked if he could be excused?
14. Because of his embezzling, the company went bankrupt.
15. Asked if the book was her's, she said it had been borrowed to her by her a friend.



1. Tomatoes and potatoes both misspelt.
2. Feilding misspelt.
3. Correct.
4. Should be fewer, not less.
5. Wrong - electrocution is fatal.
6. Should be reserves', not reserve's.
7. Misrelated participle - it wasn't the two people who were discovered in the town's water supply.
8. Both politicians' names misspelt.
9. Should be whose, not who's.
10. Correct.
11. Misrelated participle - it wasn't the ladder that was drilling.
12. Complimentary and accommodation both misspelt.
13. Should end with full stop, not question mark.
14. Correct.
15. No apostrophe in hers; lent, not borrowed.


1. A cube has a volume of 16 cubic metres. If each side is doubled in length what will its new volume be in cubic metres?

2. You get a wage increase of 3% plus an extra $20 per week. Your present wages are $800 per week. What will your new wage be?

3. A car left Wellington at 5.22am and arrived in New Plymouth, 354 kilometres away, 9.57 am. What was its average speed in kilometres per hour?

4. The sale price of five homes in a suburb are as follows: $452,346, $356,567, $566,561, $608,659, $498,489. What is the average sale price? What is the median sale price?

5. The average house prices in New Zealand for 2005-2010 were: $452,346, $356,567, $566,561, $608,659, $498,489. From this information alone, is it possible to determine the average price of a house sold over all these years? Why or why not?

6. New Zealand had 53 fatal car crashes in 1959 and 72 in 2010. The population was 1.75 million in 1959 and 4 million in 2010. Which year had a higher accident rate?

ANSWERS: 1) 128 cubic metres; 2) $844 per week; 3) 77.23km/h; 4) Average $496,324.4, median $498,489; 5) No, it's not like for like. For example, all five houses could have sold in 2010. 6) 1959.


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