Fairfax Media Readership Results Q3 11 Q2 12

New Zealanders love affair with print continues
Fairfax Media reaches 84.4% of New Zealanders 15+
Nielsen Consumer and Media Insights Survey (Q3 11-Q2 12)

The latest Nielsen Consumer and Media Insights Survey results (Q3 11 - Q2 12) shows daily newspapers remain a crucial part of many New Zealanders' days, with Fairfax Media metropolitan dailies in particular recording strong readership results. This proves that newspapers are alive and well in New Zealand.

Fairfax Media CEO Allen Williams says the latest quarter's results are a resounding endorsement of the company's publications and platforms. "These results follow on from the previous quarter's strong results, putting paid to the often used throwaway comment predicting the demise of print. We're really pleased to have such overall positive readership results across our brands, from print through to digital."


  • Metropolitan dailies performing well, with The Dominion Post up 4.3% year on year, and The Waikato Times recording an impressive 17.6% increase year on year (15+)
  • Fairfax Media connects with 84.4% of all New Zealanders aged 15+ across its multi-media platforms, equivalent to 2.96 million New Zealanders. 
  • Stuff.co.nz monthly unique audience : 1,070,0002 
  • Stuff.co.nz monthly video views: 1,272,461 (+24.5% YOY)3
  • Stuff.co.nz smartphone monthly unique visitors 110,830 (+110.3% YOY) on iPhone, and 372,276 unique visitors on Android (26 times more YOY)3
  • Stuff.co.nz iPad monthly unique visitors 42,657(+140.0% YOY)3

Strong results for newspapers are mirrored by excellent results for our magazine stable. Overall, Fairfax Magazines reach 2.29 million New Zealanders aged 10+, up 2.1% year on year.

Hot on the heels of a stellar performance at the 2012 Magazine Awards, including the Supreme Editor Award for Sarah Nicholson, Cuisine's readership is up 9.8% year on year. Other magazines readership results are also impressive:

  • NZ Lifestyle Block is up 20.8% year on year
  • NZ Autocar is up 12.3% year on year
  • NZ Life & Leisure is up 17.6% year on year
  • Fish & Game NZ is up 24.6% year on year

These strong results show that Fairfax Media's brands provide New Zealanders with the news and information they want, allowing them to fully engage with their passions via its publications and platforms.

1 Nielsen CMI Q3 11-Q2 12
2 Nielsen Online Ratings June 2012 (2yrs+)
3 Omniture Site Catalyst July 2012


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