Judgment says Fairfax Hockey articles were not defamatory

30 June 2015 

A Fairfax Media spokesman said:

“Fairfax Media acknowledges the Federal Court of Australia’s judgment today in Treasurer Joe Hockey’s defamation cases against The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Canberra Times. 

“The Court upheld Fairfax’s defence of the articles and found them not to be defamatory. Mr Hockey’s claims were only upheld in respect to the publication of the SMH poster and two tweets by The Age because they lacked the context of the full articles. No claims were upheld with regard to The Canberra Times.

“All of Mr Hockey’s other claims were dismissed.” 

The judgment included “much of Mr Hockey’s hurt and distress was said by him to result from publications which I have found were not defamatory”. 

“The articles were found to be well researched and accurate,” the Fairfax spokesman said.

 “As today’s The Age and SMH reporting on donations in politics shows, Fairfax journalists remain fearless in their pursuit of information that is in the public interest.

“Fairfax is giving full consideration to the Court’s 120-page judgment before determining its position regarding appeal.” 

A hearing to determine costs will be held on July 14.