Trade Me Launches group buying website Treat Me

22 Mar 2011

Treat Me's first deals: $1 burgers & bagels

Trade Me's new group-buying website Treat Me unleashed its first deals this morning with $1 BurgerFuel burgers in Auckland, and $1 Wholly Bagels bagels in Wellington.

Treat Me head James MacAvoy said it was exciting to be under way. "Groupbuying is still pretty new in New Zealand but it's clear that a great deal that involves a local brand like BurgerFuel or Wholly Bagels is going to go gangbusters."

He said that as of 10:52am this morning a total of 20,037 BurgerFuel burger vouchers had been sold, and 15,052 Wholly Bagels vouchers. "It's been a big opening day - we're talking more than 50 sales per minute from when the deal launched at 12:01am."

Since Treat Me's homepage went live at midnight last Tuesday, more than 230,000 Kiwis had signed up to receive deeply discounted deals in their inbox each day. "We're stoked with the level of interest - it's exceeded our expectations and we think that shows that New Zealanders see Treat Me as a way to crank up their spending power."

MacAvoy said both sides of the Treat Me equation were critical to get right. "People will engage with sites where they have a great experience and get the best deals, and we know businesses will offer the best deals to the best audiences."

He said there had been a large number of requests for Treat Me to expand beyond Auckland and Wellington. "That's totally on the cards - we now know the demand is there so we're getting cracking on expansion plans. We want Treat Me offers in front of as many Kiwis as possible all over the country."

More information: James MacAvoy, Treat Me
Ph 04 803 2672 or 021 404 380
Paul Ford, Trade Me
Ph 04 803 2611 or 021 809 589

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