Fairfax Media is Australia's leading digital publisher, reaching around 11 million Australians

31 March 2016:

Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly (DRM) data was released today.

According to Nielsen, Fairfax reached an audience of around 11 million people, or 55% of digital Australians, via sites and apps in February 2016. 

DRM is an independent view of total unduplicated digital audiences across desktop, smartphone and tablet for web browsers and apps. 

The new ratings methodology better captures Fairfax’s extensive network of mobile and app audiences, fusing smartphone and tablet panel data with Nielsen’s home/work PC panel data and tagged website data. 

Fairfax Media Commercial & Marketing Services Director and IAB Australia Board member, Tom Armstrong, said: “DRM is the new industry­-supported currency of digital audience measurement. It better reflects the fast progress Fairfax has made in growing digital audiences, particularly via mobile.

“The new methodology confirms the Fairfax Media network as Australia’s most popular digital publisher of quality content and journalism. It underlines the strength of our network in reaching and engaging with large­-scale audiences and creating powerful connections between those audiences and advertisers.”