15 Apr 2013
NZFarmer launch creates integrated home for farming news
Following the integration of Rural Press into Fairfax Media New Zealand, digital rural content has been rebranded NZFarmer, with the launch today of a ...
3 Apr 2013
Fairfax Media NZ Management changes
Fairfax Media Limited today announced changes to the organisational and reporting structure of its operations, and changes to its Executive Leadership ...
19 Mar 2013
Overseas Launch of digital subscriptions for SMH and the Age
Fairfax Media today announced that digital subscriptions to The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald websites and mobile sites will be introduced on Marc ...
15 Mar 2013
Fairfax Media launches Creating Conversations trade campaign
Fairfax Media has launched its new trade marketing campaign ‘Creating Conversations', focused on the power of Fairfax Media to connect with its audien ...
8 Feb 2013
Fairfax Media metropolitan newspapers turn in steady quarter
The latest Nielsen Consumer and Media Insights Survey results (Q1 12 - Q4 12) show metropolitan newspapers remain a key source of news and information ...
16 Jan 2013
Garry Ferris Appointed Fairfax Media’s Auckland Editor-in-Chief
Experienced editor and journalist Garry Ferris has been appointed to the new role of Auckland editor-in-chief for Fairfax Media.
20 Sep 2012
Link+ brings Sunday Star-Times to life this Sunday
On the 23rd September, the Sunday Star-Times comes to life with the launch of Link+, an innovative augmented reality feature which provides rich previ ...
17 Sep 2012
Meet Stuff Nation - the latest evolution of digital news
Fairfax Digital today announces the release of Stuff Nation, a new product as part of its number one news website . In addition to transfo ...
4 Sep 2012
Intern tests marked and assessments begin
General knowledge, numeracy, spelling and grammar and writing tests undertaken as part of the annual search for journalism interns to work at Fairfax ...
20 Aug 2012
Fairfax Media Journalism Intern Tests Completed
About 50 aspiring journalists sat Fairfax Media journalism intern tests throughout the country on Saturday.